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Environmental Specialists

An environmental specialist protects the environment by determining problems and finding solutions used to eliminate hazards that can affect the overall health of the environment or population.

Environmental advisors and/or environmental scientists play a major role in helping an organisation achieve its key legal and corporate environmental requirements.

They can provide specialist advice around environmental considerations such as:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Ground, Air and Water monitoring and rreporting

  • Occupational Hygiene Consulting

  • Noise Surveys

  • Indoor Air Quality & Confined Spaces

  • Dust & Chemical Air Testing & Monitoring

  • Asbestos & Hazardous Materials Inspections

  • Hazardous Chemical Substances


Whether you require an occupational hygienist, environmental auditor, environmental advisor, environmental scientist, environmental engineer or environmental superintendent, our professionals strive to hit the ground running to develop best practice, innovative and sustainable solutions or management systems to meet any environmental issues or requirements.

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